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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 15, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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phfft major developments on the controversial police shooting in ferguson missouri. we know the name of the officer who pulled the trigger. it is revealed the teenager was shot and killed was a suspect in a strong armed robbery. we welcome viewers were watching us around the country. >> police released surveillance images. they say the 18 year-old michael brown stole cigars and grabbed a store worker by the shirt pushing him into a display rack when he tried to stop him after leaving without paying. also released the identity of the officer who shot brown. does not have a history of disciplinary action.
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>> are broken by the continuous violence that has been going on. >> the officer and family have been moved. >> the protests continue today and ferguson. the missouri highway patrol is now handling demonstrators. winning praise for his personal, approach. >> the streets were peaceful last night. johnson said there were no calls for service.
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>> john started neiman-marcus and michaels as major retailers hit by hackers. the parent company of the grocer's store chains as their confident it is safe for customers to use credit and debit cards. if i had a friend 16 to investigate. they have more will have more information and the next 24 hours. >> the victim of the target mess and hope she will not have to go through that again. >> i think twice now. i will certainly think again and again before use a debit card. recently learned of what they called on lawful obtrusiounlawful intrusion.
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>> not determined whether data was actually stolen and has not found evidence of misuse. >> i'm angry. i'm a little upset. it should not be happening. in the world we live in today things happen. you have to try to deal with it. >> i'm not surprised at is the world we live in. too much plastic and electronic transaction. everything is being hacked. >> we understand the inconvenience and concerned an incident like this can cause. we deeply regret our customers there was breached. could reach as high as $148 million. it led to the ceo's resignation. many customers are reassured. >> our kids do not use cash. that has
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to be secure. i would probably go to the atm and pull some money out. i would not want to use my credit card here. >> more than 180 stores in illinois. most of them in the chicago area. the company says they are offering free consumer identity protection services for the next year. >> chicago police are investigating the death of a woman found under a burning car >> joins us live from the north beverly neighborhood. summoned to the crime scene in an alley way near 86 >> on was just with my sister. we are always together. i
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just cannot believe it. >> the smith family consoling themselves as they survey the scene. a brown car discovered by startled residents. family members say the car belongs to sri this mess.sharida smith. thy tried to douse the flames around 7:00 a.m.. they noticed the body underneath the burning vehicle. arson investigators, the fire marshal, forensic specialists with a heavy presence here checking garbage cans and canvassing the neighborhood. smith is beloved by family members and her community. she worked with disabled kids. >> family or
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advising a reward for information. the reward set at $1,000. any information leading to the individual responsible for this killing. if you have any information you're asked to call police. >> police are searching for him and accused of assaulting his former girlfriend. went to his children's home in sun and yesterday. to recap to domestic battery cases. then fled with the kids triggering in amber.
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>> 17 am michael phillips accused of shooting lois to death last month. as he stood at a bus stop. the suspects were arrested and wisconsin and extradited to chicago? >> arrested a suspect in a triple shooting. the 23 roads is charged with attempted murder. >> all three victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> the man who robbed a kosher story gun point might also be responsible for too early robbers. authorities say the man pictured in the surveillance video or up to a grocery store in a 200 block
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of randolph road. they say the suspect wrote to the cashier at gunpoint. police say this guy resemble somebody caught on video rubbing to of the retail stores.writing to other retail stores. >> voters feel the mayor is failing chicago public schools. people are asked whether they approve of his handling of last year's teacher strike. the closure and consolidation of thousands of schools. overall 26 percent approved of his handling of education. 65 percent disapprove. broken down by race the polls suggest 30 percent of white voters approve of his performance. only 14 percent of black voters. parents of school kids gave a manual just 19 percent approval rating. what may be a key indicator of the real action process 62 percent of people side with the chicago teachers union. only 23 percent support on
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manual. >> schools that might be in neighborhoods favorable to the mayor. they are seeing budget cuts. they are seeing the the major push charter schools which also involves tax funding. there's a feeling that it is a shift to a favored system. that the students will never be a part of. >> overall the mayor's job approval rating is down to 35%. chicagos jackie robinson west little league. this team took on a team from washington state. piers jones led off the game with a home run to center. jackie robinson won 12-2. >> the annual air and water show
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returns to chicago this weekend. spectators will flock to the lakefront to catch a variety of aviation stunts. >> the u.s. navy blue angels and gold in the parachute team. officials say there will be extended bus and train service operating this weekend. >> new developments in the grisly murder of a local woman. is it worse than the estimated? >> international official said that total may be higher. a woman is in critical condition after drinking tea at a restaurant. find out the chemical accidentally mixed into her drink by a server. saved her life when she is just an tot. in new york police officer will travel to illinois to see her will travel to illinois to see her become a bride. a1
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two suspects in the case of a local woman was killed in indonesia asking for american lawyers. >> told local authorities that she is pregnant. patrick l. what has more.
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>> this murder mystery takes another bizarre turn. we have learned is that the daughter and suspect of one of two suspects in the case is now telling local indonesian authorities that she is pregnant and wants to return to the united states immediately. >> now saying the mother and daughter have a tumultuous relationship. they made more than 80 calls for service. in the meantime the karen jakarta a local attorney says he as been hired by heather mac to represent her. as the investigation proceeds will learn that schaefer wrote of his facebook page. was going to indonesia and was not sure when she was coming back. we have also learned that initially the couple told police that they had been taken captive by an
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armed gang local authorities told reporters that the hotel's security footage captured schaefer are dealing with the victim at the hotel. the victim was hit with a blunt object with blows to the face and head. they were the only one seen entering and exiting the room. and does not increase suggest it was the daughter instruct the killer blows. >> >> the official death toll.
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>> the epidemic is vastly underestimated. they are seeing evidence of on reported cases. it did not give an estimate of how many cases may be falling through the cracks. total number of reported infections is currently at 2000. it will take about six months to bring the epidemic under control. >> given of the fight to hang onto his job. islam is siege against religious minorities and north and maracas landing down. thanks in part to u.s. airstrikes against texas militants. thousands of iraqis managed to leave a kurdish mountain top and make it to a refugee camp. some of the
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convoy of trucks carrying aid to ukraine has been destroyed. the tactic, of our armed vehicles that crossed into the country. that happened overnight through rebel-held section. ukrainian soldiers continue to be under fire from russia. russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in the ukrainian unrest. it has spread from the battlefield to parliament. the debate that he did between these two lawmakers. one guy returned to punch the other. legislation which eventually passed les the legal groundwork to allow the ukraine to issue sanctions to foreign entities. " francis marks the first papal visit to south korea. a mass for more than 40,000 people. prefer the victims of the recent ferry disaster. the spirit
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of the spirit grows in society. the pope met with young people as part of these in use today. upon texas national guardsmen are being deployed to the mexican border. thousands of immigrants continue to stream across the rio grande. gov. rick perry will have more to say. so far the have and given no authority to arrest anyone. >> the senator makes a plea >> the new guidelines issued to help doctors treat patients. later in much but we are in the kitchen with the owner of acadia. we're making an elegant blueberry we're making an elegant blueberry french toast.
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alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. >> u.s. stocks taking a hit on news that the russian aid convoy to ukraine has been attacked. the dollar is now down nearly 88 points. >> years analysts suggested coca-cola would acquire the energy drink company monster. now they're making the move. announced an efforthey acquired 70% of the company. investors cheered the deal as stocks rose 20% in after-hours trading on the airplanes on lang off workers. the illinois plants are located in moline and east moline. the move comes after profits fell 16%. john deere officials cite a decline in demand. the company says they will scare oscale back
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production >> pershing and medical company based in lake forest to move headquarters to france. looking to buy part of the company. the world's largest maker of generic injectable drug used in hospitals. the deal is reportedly valued at $5 billion. >> the woman in utah suffered serious chemical burns. police say jim harding got a drink to go. when she took a sip her mouth began to burn. choose immediately taken to hospital. she is now critical condition. an analysis of the drink found cleaning chemicals that are mixed with the tea. >> an employee puts it and decide the droid thinking it was sugar. a man who saved a life. the police sergeant had
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been bonded by their encounter. the 24 year veteran of the new york police department. was called to the family's home. he delivered cpr to be lifeless child. >> it is just amazing. i'm called her american father. she is like the dollar never had. those about 20 years agdaughter and i never had. >> holiday has moved to the chicago area to attend nursing school. he is getting ready to retire from the force in the fall. he would not miss this wedding for anything. >> there's fans take your hands off the panic button. it is just preseason. [prof.burke]why is it smart to talk to farmers for your auto insurance?
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e.mereh x
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time for sports. the next time there is play at soldier field will be the regular-season opener. special teams have a lot to work on. both left with minor injuries. the bears worked quickly. the truck for scored after the first address of the game. color answered with a template 65 yd drive including a 4 yd touchdown pass.
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>> lead to scoring drives in the fourth quarter with the go- ahead touchdown. the chicago bears win their second straight game. >> nascar driver tom restore close out the second straight weekend as investigators probe amount set a crash. struck and killed the restore. >> practice yesterday. the chance to work closely. notices the improvements. team usa has lost several players to to injury. has not changed his mind
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set. have no fear. i have faith. and all that i will be fine. >> just trying to keep them moving and stay positive every day. the chicago cubs going for a series win. chris davis has a solo home run. gave up five earned runs and failed to pitch into the seventh for the 15th first start. 77 stretto starring ms. 77th home stand. the white sox tore off. that is a look at sports. a full weekend forecast.
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they could be a perfect summer day rainout. surprising after how cold it was this morning. frost in northern wisconsin. it is pretty amazing. will canadian highs come down with dry air. the cool off fast at night. we are in a warming cycle. we should be moving in on 80 degrees. we had a whole rash of beautiful sunrise and sunsets and our viewers. photographers have been sending shots. he was in a helicopter and captured the sunrise. checks in from indiana with a gorgeous sunset. >> look in on the chicago skyline. the
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scene for the shot from the coal as person. here is our long distance shot of the afternoon. gorgeous sunset out that way. >> not only cordis sun rise. about 10 degrees warmer today than we were yesterday. we're watching out to the west a flood of moisture from the gulf. producing thunderstorms. what does happen to be had the monsoon will flow. storm clusters develop. >> these things will bubble up and scattered fashion. here is where they are right now. some
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local 1-2 and trains. there are other chars come out from the west. we will be watching that. pivotal lotus going to develop. to move out of nebraska southeastward and downstate illinois. our grain at coverage might pick up a little bit tomorrow evening. 81 at this hour. these are the warmer temperatures. a little bit of cooling going on at valparaiso. a little bit cooler up there as well. our no. sugarland from atwater. here's evanston. here is western laura. we have in camera out they're showing us the football field. here's where the moisture is. it will
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be flat in a cuss this weekend. years tucson arizona. the monsoon and showers have been flaring in recent days. the nature of those showers. today no showers. not a drop of rain within hundreds of miles of us. temperatures are rebounding from yesterday's high. the haze is non existent. strong clusters may begin to affect us. this will be later tomorrow and tomorrow night. chances of ram are nonexistent. 40 percent coverage on scattered afternoon storms. the upper windows late. an inch and 8 t of water evaporating in the atmosphere. we're quadrupling
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there be a lot of moisture in which these storms will be swimming. tonight get isolated downpours. >> 72 at o'hare yesterday. right now we're at 72. our hours of warming yet to come into the '90s. down in parts of oklahoma and texas. here's the cooler air mass frontier some reported frost. we put up on our block free. 73 of the delay of his honor. doesn't fall level air matt >>. to wind is
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blowing lightly from the southwest to there. the dew point low humidity will as a result. water temperature at 75 degrees. mold spores moderate. a report. during times 21 minutes at 1:00. >> ears are high pressure. scattered showers will come up into our area. tomorrow be a meeting sunday will be only be in the '70s. because of the flow coming in and the club cover their respect to be occurring at that time. a much cooler situation. still looking for a pretty
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warm spell of this afternoon the recent increase. a lot of sunshine expected. ramirez to filter through the clouds. carolyn will be light and on shore as the afternoon goes on. a few degrees cooler there. the bed. probably around 80. scattered clouds not as cool tonight. sunday: extensive cloud men's scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm. could gun salute and southern suburbs. 77 will hammond. >> success getting
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air and water shows without any problems. mi f
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when it comes to cholesterol if a patient should be treated as individualand individually. among those recommendations that the strongest drugs be prescribed for most men all the then 65. even those with no history of heart disease in the major risk factors and with normal cholesterol levels. taskforce says there's no evidence to recommend treating people only on the basis of age. >> brain function
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bone density and heart health. the study was published in the society of general and critical metabolism. the city of edmundston is launching a new text to land line service. the service is a part of the city's 311 the initiative. the residents will be able to use the new service to report non emergency service to report non emergency issues. .rist
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a fancy take on french toast. the owner and chef. some really wonderful items and flavors. you're giving us a little preview. but it would be a perfect time to bring back. >> here we have some water. this is a bread pudding. meet with blueberries. a little cinnamon. little bourbon. and
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that is it. what we did sliced pieces out. dip it in one of your traditional favor french toast battered me and cook it just like french toast. there of vanilla there is cream. a little bit of milk. a lot of butter a lot of cream. this is a decadent-. i'm also going to cook one of my favorite dishes. >> a chicken neck every cook at about 62 appears once it is cooked we wrap our own sausage around it.
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>> this just takes a couple of minutes. just like you would french toast. it is gone to be so much more creamy. taft >> they're hard to get. what would you say is the difference? >> they're grown almost growna pinot noir grape. >> everything is
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squeezed into this. this is just about done. you can make this all the night before or couple of things before. i want you to tell us about some of the other things that you have brought. this is just amazing. look at this artistry. this is astounding to me. >> our signature dish. the lobster and expense of the act. we have a variety of free muffins' the researchers.
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>> about 30 more seconds. one nice thing about what we do may be different in some other places. that is perfect. this is looking pretty good. >> i want people to know where acadia is. find out more and see this amazing man year. we'll have the recipe for our wonderful blue banner french toast.
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>> malicious omendelicious almos >> a little fat ear. >> a little fat ear. this is perfect.
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ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. is warming up a little bit. still
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not many clouds appear. >> monday start off with a couple of showers and bring a little sunshine and during the afternoon. much of next week will be spent in the sun caught mix. here's a 10 day animation. i wanted to show you this warm hair pulled. we have been talking about this for awhile. see how it builds north word. it moves north
12:59 pm
of us. puts us on the warm side of the jet. we have all of that you mad and. this is the forecast for next friday. lot of humidity and is forecast. 84 tomorrow much cooler near the lake. the upper eighties may be close to 90. have upper eighties may be close to 90. have a great weekend.
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